Trading Forex Tanpa Deposit Bisa Withdraw

Trading Forex Tanpa Deposit Bisa Withdraw – List of Scam Forex Brokers – Out of 117 blocked websites, there are 33 websites that offer Forex trading by selling Smartxbot or Smartx Net89 forex trading software., JAKARTA – The Ministry of Trade through the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti) blocked 137 departments with 117 websites, 12 Instagram accounts and 8 Facebook accounts operated by trading companies (PBK). without Bappebti’s permission. .

Trading Forex Tanpa Deposit Bisa Withdraw

In this ban, CoFTRA also found platforms that offer forex investments by selling trading robots. Of the 117 blocked websites, there are 33 websites that offer forex trading by selling Smartxbot or Smartx Net89 forex trading software.

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“We have received complaints from the public about forex investment offers under the guise of selling Smartxbot or Smartx Net89 trading robots over the Internet,” CoFTRA director Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana said in an official statement on Thursday. (twenty). (5/2021).

According to CoFTRA observations and observations, this website offers forex investment by selling robot packages in cooperation with foreign futures traders who do not have trading rights such as Bappebti futures and brokers.

Members are asked to pay a sum of money offered as a package to buy a robot and invest in a foreign futures broker, then the robot will work automatically, without having to find and open the situation directly.

Robot packages offered usually consist of Starter, Trader, ProTrader, Executive Trader, Tycoon Trader, Advanced Trader or similar packages.

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SIUPPL is a business license to carry out a direct selling business, which means a system of selling various products through a network of sellers on commission and/or income based on the profit from sales to vendors sold at the place of business. .

For his part, the Head of Legal Entities and Legal Entities, M. Syist, asserted that there are currently companies with SIUPPL permits that carry out illegal commercial activities.

Bappebti found that there are future business e-books or courses to create trading robots and expert software products (EA) offered to the public through sales systems, including Smartxbot or Smartx Net89.

“They use SIUPPL belonging to PT Simbiotic Multitalent Indonesia (SMI), this is shown on their website. However, at the meeting of the Information Alert Working Group on April 27, 2021, the Chief Commissioner of PT SMI, Andreas Andreyanto, said that the official website only belongs to PT SMI If there is a website other than that, then it is not part of PT SMI,” said Syist.

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For this reason, people are advised not to be swayed by various promises from bad actors, as trading with robots also carries the risk of loss. In addition, people are also asked to always keep an eye on offers and money draws, if you manage to attract new members as a downline, because potential companies do not know this word.

“Before making a decision to invest in the futures market, the public is expected to check the rules of the futures market and the fairness of the interest offered. It is also recommended that the public is not deceived by the promise of unnecessary interest that is attractive to learn in advance about the business process, advantages and its shortcomings”, concludes Syist.

With the latest prevention efforts, CoFTRA has blocked 409 website domains since January 2021. This prevention is done in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Informatics. Changes in the share price of Sunton Capital Ltd. The company is believed to have stolen billions of rupees from customers.

Still not done with the Sunton case, in recent months Indonesia has been shocked by the arrest of two prominent people, Indra Kenz and Doni Salamanan, on charges of fraud under the guise of binary options.

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Forex trading is a quick way to make money online, but it seems Indonesians who are new to financial education should know how dangerous this scam is. In fact, many still remember the story of the death of the head of the family who killed a family in Surabaya 14 years ago. At that time, the head of the family was suspected of carrying a heavy debt burden due to currency trading.

To prevent the same thing from happening to you and your family, here the author provides a list of 10 forex trader tricks to avoid:

In 2021, the Indonesian cyber world was shocked by the fraud of Sunton Capital Ltd, a company claiming to be a forex company based in the UK. A musician named Ananda Sukarlan raised the Sunton Capital case on his Twitter account.

At that time, Sukarlan said that Sunton Capital promised to make a profit of 5% to 20% daily and paid the amount promised before that, saying that the system was under maintenance (repair) and the graph was completely repeated. (CNBC ).

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You may have heard about this marketing company from Indra Kenz’s story or from an advertisement on Youtube. Binomo is one of the leading offshore trading platforms offering trading services on various commodities including Forex. The platform enables various trading methods to work, including

The problem is when this method is used for trading and because Binomo itself is not an official company operating in Indonesia. Several times Bappebti and OJK have blocked the company’s website.

Like Binomo, Quotex is a trading platform for various applications, including Forex and foreign cryptocurrencies, and is not authorized by BAPPEBTI. Actually many times BAPPEBTI and OJK have blocked this website to access you need to use VPN.

This is the platform that Doni Salamanan suggests on his Youtube account that most of his followers follow his footsteps, but since they don’t know anything about trading, especially binary options, they actually lose money.

Market Talk For The Week (26 April)

In their work, BAPPEBTI and OJK target not only foreign companies that do not operate in Indonesia, but also local companies that commit fraud in the name of currency trading. One of them is PT Arta Berjangka Nusantara.

PT Arta Berjangka Nusantara was a legitimate trading company in Indonesia before its trading license was revoked by the Jakarta Futures Exchange (BBJ) in 2008 due to unclear company address, suspected fraud and unclear management structure (sec ).

Another local company suspected of committing fraud in the name of foreign currency trading is 5. PT Graha Finesa Berjangka. Like PT Arta Berjangka Bersama, Graha Finesa also revoked its trading license from the Jakarta Futures Exchange in 2008.

The company allegedly extorted IDR 2.1 billion from customers. In fact, 18 customers of this company went to the Jakarta High Court because they felt cheated by the company.

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Important 4XP or Forex where there are examples. The company claims to have an operating license from the British Virgin Islands, where its headquarters were founded in 2007. In fact, in 2013, local finance officials said that 4XP was not licensed there.

Metal Forex was an IFSC Belize licensed trading company before it closed because many customers said they could not withdraw money. The company was founded in 2007 in Panama and closed in 2014. Unfortunately, now others have noticed that there is a company with the same logo (just in a different color) using the same name. for this company.

It is important that the seller knows the rules of the trading company. Looking back at the Sunton case, consumers cannot do anything if it turns out that the seller is cheating.

In Indonesia, the authorities that issue this law are BAPPEBTI and OJK. So a broker who works legally in Indonesia is a broker who is currently registered with both companies.

Trade Forex Tanpa Modal

The problem is usually the companies that have this law are national companies and it is not uncommon for these national companies to have quality work that cannot compete with international companies. If you choose an international company, please select a valid company from the following companies:

The four companies are known to be firm in conducting forex business in their respective countries. Even if you have received orders from these four companies, you should know that the risk of using international brokerage services is that the above companies cannot help you immediately if the trading company is fraudulent. The reason is that you are not a citizen of the country where the company operates.

If in finance the money manager manages your assets, then in the world of forex, you have to manage the assets yourself. Do not accept if someone offers you forex trading services, because besides the risk, forex trading through escrow also violates BAPPEBTI rules.

Trading is not a game, trading is like a business. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to get the desired benefits. Even in forex trading, the failure rate is usually higher than the winning rate. Therefore, it is not easy to believe when someone offers to trade forex and make huge profits in a short time.

Cara Trading Tanpa Modal Dalam Dunia Forex Indonesia

. Because they offer unreasonable profits, Forex robots carry a lot of risk, because profits are made through Ponzi schemes.

Finally, make sure you check the reliability of the forex company before you start investing. Process? Check company address, check website, check name on BAPPETi official website, view company related information and more.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Gadjah Mada University, Faricatul Chusna wrote articles on economics, investment, business and finance. know? Scam forex traders come in many forms and require different levels of vigilance. What are the types of forex traders?

Choosing a trusted Forex broker is not just a matter of legitimacy, easy deposits and withdrawals, or other special criteria. Long before we get to this, there is a measurement that is very common and very easy to see, but is often overlooked by many customers. That’s how it is

Cara Trading Forex Tanpa Modal

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