Fatwa Mui Tentang Trading Forex Online

Fatwa Mui Tentang Trading Forex Online – Questions Every Indonesian Trader Should Ask: 1. Is Forex Trading Haram? 2. Is Forex Trading Halal? 3. Is Forex trading allowed in Islam? 4. What is SWAP? Let’s discuss the first article: Forex in Islamic Law

In his book, Prof. Dr. Masjfuq Zuhdi entitled MASAIL FIQHIYAH; Capita Selecta Islamic Law obtained as forex (Forex trading) permitted by Islamic law. Currency trading arises from the international trade of useful goods/commodities between countries. This (Export-Import) business will definitely require a means of payment, ie. VALUES, and each country has its own conditions, which differ from each other depending on the supply and demand of these countries, so a VALUE RELATIONSHIP will appear between countries. COMPARISON OF VALUES OF VALUES OF COUNTRIES COLLECTED IN THE FEDERATION OR MARKET, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE INTERNATIONAL NATURE AND INTERVENTION AGREEMENT. The value of a country’s currency against other countries changes (fluctuates) at any time depending on supply and demand. This supply and demand creates currency transactions. The real deal is to exchange currencies with different values. ISLAMIC LAW OF FOREX TRADING 1. Ijab-Kobul is: —> It is an agreement to give and take.

Fatwa Mui Tentang Trading Forex Online

If the goods are received in return, the goods are already in his hands. The opinion of Muhammad Isa should be added, buying and selling shares is permissible in religion.

Mengenal Trading Dan Cara Islam Memandangnya

“Do not buy the fish out of the water, for such selling and selling is fraudulent.” (Hadith of Ahmad bin Hambal and Al Bayhaqi of Ibn Mas’ud)

The purchase and sale of goods not available at the place of transaction is allowed if their nature and characteristics are explained. Then, if the item matches the seller’s description, the sale or purchase is valid. However, if it is not suitable, the buyer has the right to pay, which means that he can continue or cancel the sale or purchase. This is in accordance with the Hadith of the Prophet on the authority of Abu Huraira, narrated by Al Darakutni.

He who buys what he has not seen, has the right to pay if he has seen it.”

Crops that are still buried, such as cassava, potatoes, onions, etc., are allowed to be bought and sold if samples are provided, because if you sell all your hidden crops, it will be difficult or a loss. . This is according to Islamic law:

Trading Forex Platform Meta Trader 4

The same applies to the purchase and sale of packaged/closed goods such as canned food, LPG, etc. with labels describing the contents. Ve Sabiq, op. cit. a problem 135. Regarding the text of the above-mentioned Islamic jurisprudence, ve Al Suyuthi, Al Ashbah wa al Nadzair, Egypt, Mustafa Muhammad, 1936 p. 55. BUYING CURRENCY AND SHARES What is foreign currency? If international trade takes place between countries, foreign currency is needed for foreign payment instruments, which are called foreign exchange in the business world. For example, Indonesian exporters earn foreign currency from their exports, while Indonesian importers need foreign currency

Import from abroad. This will create supply and demand in the foreign exchange market. Each country has the right to set its own exchange rate (exchange rate is the ratio of the value of money to a foreign currency), for example, 1 USD. dollar = Rp. 12,000. However, the exchange rate or exchange rate ratio can change at any time depending on the economic potential of each country. Exchange rate registration, currency sale and purchase transactions are done through the Currency Exchange (A. W. J. Tupanno, et. al. Economics and Cooperatives, Jakarta, Depdikbud 1982, pp. 76-77)

A. Some activities to meet various needs require currency transactions (al-sharf) between currencies of the same type and currencies of different types. b. In urf tijari (commercial tradition), the sale and purchase of currency transactions are known in several forms of transactions, whose legal status varies from one form to another in the light of Islamic teachings. c. DSN believes that a fatwa on al-Sharf is necessary to ensure that transactions are conducted in accordance with Islamic teachings.

1. “Words of Allah, QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 275: “… And Allah justified the prohibition of buying and selling and taking interest…” 2. “The Hadith of the Prophet al-Bayhaqi and Abu Sa ‘ al- Ibn Majah of Khudri: Rasulullah SAW. It was said: “Actually buying and selling can only be done (between two parties) on the basis of desire” (HR. albaihaqi, Ibn Majah, and Ibn Hibban rated as authentic). 3. “The Hadith Muslim of the Prophet, Abu Dawud, Tirmzi, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah, together with the Islamic text of ‘Ubada bin Shamit, the Prophet, God bless him and grant him peace, said: “Sell gold for gold and silver for silver.” , wheat wheat , sya’ir with sya’ir, date with date, salt with salt (with mandatory conditions) of the same type, cash. If the type is different, Mui’s fatwa on Forex- trading – First let’s look at the laws on money trading according to Islam. Maybe you want to trade forex during this period want but fear that it would be illegal.

Trading Forex Menurut Islam Berdasarkan Mui Dan Nu, Haram?

Forex (foreign currency) business is a type of investment that depends on exchange rates or the value of international currencies (foreign currencies).

A quick overview of forex trading is to buy a currency when it is low and then sell it when it is high.

The advantage of this forex trading is capital growth. Equity is the difference between the selling price and the buying price.

Here, we recommend learning and practicing to become skilled at investing first. To learn more about this investment from a technical point of view, you can use the demo account of a forex broker.

Hukum Trading Bagi Umat Muslim

Once fully matured, you can start taking steps to start trading forex. You can register or open an account with a forex broker.

Because traders or players invest in certain currencies. Traders then wait for the price to rise and fall.

You have to sit quietly at home without working much, moving or even going to your office, but you can easily earn money and become a billionaire. This makes people think that forex trading is illegal.

Specifically, currency trading is the trading of foreign currencies. For example, Rupee to Euro, Rupee to USD, etc.

Berikut Ini Hukum Trading Forex Mui Yang Wajib Diketahui

Then, depending on the market conditions, it is possible to make a large profit from the exchange rate difference. In the game, all of the player’s decisions are made by guessing or guessing based on luck or fortune.

This is clearly different from business. Even though we can sit quietly at home and shop, our minds are still working.

During negotiations, it is necessary to make the most complex decisions. In addition, the decisions we make should take into account basic technical analysis, some natural intuition and other specific strategies.

So a common man or a common man without sufficient knowledge and skills cannot trade forex unless he first learns about forex.

Forex Trading Online

These predictive sentiments are similar to price predictions. If you’re lucky, you’ll get something good. However, if you are unlucky, you will get bad things.

If you are one of those parties who believe that foreign currency trading is illegal, like gambling or bribery, then you need to look deeper.

Thus, we present the Fatwa of the Council of Ulema Indonesia (MUI), i.e. National Assembly Siri, as proof of the issuance of Fatwa No. 1. 28/DSN-MUI/III/2002 on sale and purchase of foreign currency and other matters. . His name is Al-Sharf.

MUI transactions in foreign currency (forex) are allowed because the origin of income is very clear. The large amount of money received by traders is not the result of international betting, but is arranged on a global scale.

Hukum Trading Forex Di Indonesia Dan Dalam Islam

Even traders or sellers and buyers know the transaction flow, asset and other information. This is because the transaction is done online for a nominal price, time, etc., even if it is not in the form of goods. There is relative certainty.

Therefore, it is still legal to buy and sell foreign currency, albeit indirectly. Of course, there are no losses or pitfalls for a trader. Why is that? Because everything is transparent or directly observable.

The exception is if they don’t return the money they took from the forex business to the owner, we can say it’s illegal or a scam. There is no need to worry because every player can find out all the predictions or prices of various types of foreign currencies.

So from the above statement it is clear that forex trading law is halal or haram according to Islam. So don’t worry because it is a safe transaction and a short-term investment.

Hukum Trading Binomo Menurut Fatwa Mui

However, although the law allows the sale and purchase of foreign currency on the spot market, the laws on online currency transactions are more detailed. Below are the rules of online forex trading.

After studying forex trading and Islamic currency trading laws, you now know about forex trading and you know about Islamic halal law.

Therefore, there is no need to fear or hesitate to trade forex for fear of becoming illegal. Now you can start trading forex and earn amazing profits.

If you want to trade commodities or foreign currency (forex), join our trading community. Led by mentors with more than 20 years of experience, more than 100 active members participated.

Bagaimana Sebenarnya Hukum Trading Forex Di Indonesia?

So, are you interested in forex trading? Please leave your feedback and comments in the space provided.

Virtina Tionita holds a BBA in Business Administration with a concentration in Wealth Planning from Presidency University. Interest and experience in investment, financial planning and entrepreneurship.

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